About ‘rad as hell’ Derse

    • Also known as “Kingdom of Darkness”
    • Demonym for Derse is Dersite
    • Derse is always destined to beat Prospit- demanding that in which the players kill the Black King to save Skaia
    • Derse is a portmanteau for 'dearth' and 'terse'
    • According to Dirk, basically, the Derse dream selves are like ‘team mascots’, and tabloids are written about the opposing team- slandering them
    • Derse dreamers include, Aradia, (half of) Sollux, Eridan, Feferi, Nepeta, Equius, Dirk,Dave, Rose, and Roxy.
    • Hierarchy includes:  Black Queen (however, overthrown by the Condesce in the Alpha session), Black King, Draconian Dignitary, Hegemonic Brute, Authority Regulator (most commonly known as the exile ‘AR’, wrapped in yellow tape) Courtyard Droll, and the only known archagent is Jack Noir

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